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Actor and Producer Jason Abrams Discusses the Benefits of Social Media for Entertainers

Social media is proving to be an effective medium for entertainers to grow their careers outside of the traditional entertainment industry. Going viral on social media can be a fast track to the attention of millions of people. Though this type of popularity can be more fleeting than scoring a role in a major Hollywood blockbuster, it can be a great boost for aspiring actors, musicians, and others early in their careers. Jason Abrams, an actor living in NYC, utilizes social media as a vehicle for his creative and comedic impulses, as a place to share his experiences and passions, and as a means of connecting with audiences. “Social media has been really freeing for me,” he explains. “I can have fun, be goofy, be myself, and I think people really respond to that.”

Abrams is Making a Splash on Social Media

Abrams’ Instagram account follows the actor through blizzards, pandemics, auditions, and more as he hangs out in NYC and attempts to cope with the chaos of modern life. In many of his bits, Abrams views these strange and unpredictable times through a comedic, often satirical lens. There are jokes about current events, politics, popular culture, social media trends, and anything else under the sun.

His series “The fACTUAL life of an NYC actor” explores – in Abrams’ typical comedic style – the life of an actor living and working in the Big Apple (roaches and all). From struggling to find an outfit for a casting call to getting weird in auditions, keeping in touch with family, having fun on social media, and more, it’s an expansive series that covers many universal facets of an actor’s life.

Beyond all the jokes, dance trends, and skits, Abrams is not afraid to get real and show some genuine human emotion and vulnerability. From hanging out with family members to opening up about his own struggles, Abrams presents a more genuine and approachable persona than the typical influencer.

Abrams’ YouTube channel, despite having fewer videos, displays a wider variety of content. Abrams’ acting reel, a vlog-style video documenting his trip to Poland to receive a hair transplant procedure, even a Men in Black-themed rap about social distancing procedures – he uses YouTube as an outlet for whatever form of creativity or expression strikes him.

Using Social Media to Your Unique Advantage

Abrams believes that all aspiring actors should work on building their social media presence, but it’s important to find your own unique style. Different audiences prefer different content, tones, and hooks. Don’t be afraid to be yourself, but if you want to make a real splash, know what your audience wants and how to deliver it.

Whatever your style, post frequently (but not too frequently). Abrams posts several times a week, at least once every 1-4 days. He feels that this is a good balance for his content and audience, as he wants to keep people interested but hopes to avoid overloading them.

Social media popularity can give you a bigger taste of attention than you’ve ever received. If the thought of fifty thousand people across the world watching your video gives you the shivers, imagine how it’s going to feel when fifty million people are buying tickets at the box office to see your pretty face up on the silver screen. “Acting is nerve-wracking, there’s no doubt about it,” says Abrams, “but it’s some of the most fun you’ll ever have.”

If you ever manage to go viral, get comfortable with criticism or stay out of the comment sections. No matter who you are, there will be people that want to put you down. Some platforms and audiences are more accepting than others, but on average, there will be at least a few haters who feel the need to share their cynical opinions. It’s in everyone’s best interest to just ignore them.

Growing a Following and Finding Fulfillment

Unless you reach social media superstardom, there are no guarantees that a sizable following will increase your chances of landing a role. However, it can help you to grow your network and influence, putting you in front of more eyes than ever before. “It’s a really exhilarating feeling to see so many people watching and engaging with something you created,” he says, clarifying that “It’s amazing and terrifying at the same time.” Abrams will continue his efforts to establish himself on platforms like Instagram and YouTube, but at the end of the day, he just hopes to bring a few people a smile.

Learn more about Jason Abrams on IMDb. Visit Abrams’ official website at Follow him on Instagram (@jasonabramsnyc) and YouTube.

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