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SOS Moving: The Top Five Fastest-Growing Moving Companies in California

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Historically, consumers have had mixed feelings about moving companies. While some have had extremely positive experiences, others have had extremely negative experiences. 

The prevailing trope of the moving company is one that coldly destroys a family’s most cherished heirlooms as misshapen boxes rattle. Yelp and online reviews may have eliminated this nightmare scenario forever.

Some of the most common complaints still include:

  • Hidden fees
  • Late deliveries
  • Lost or damaged items
  • Unprofessional movers
  • Poor customer service

A New Era in Relocation Services

Moving companies run by body positive curmudgeons with no skin in the game, have been replaced by Snoop Dog. Enter SOS Moving Company who appears to be staffed by only the physically fit and (again) promoted by The Doggfather, Mr. Death Row himself flanked by stylish accomplices of all identities.

This is a new day for moving companies.

The era of plus-sized gentlemen, rightfully accused of scams and fraud, are gone with binary identities. The days of holding a customer’s belongings hostage until they pay additional fees is far below the pedigree of a company that is cosigned by an established icon.

Despite historical complaints, many consumers still relied on these moving companies to help them relocate. Besides, what was the better option? Fill up your car and make 65 trips to the storage or new residence? No, you cross your fingers and hope your vinyl collection is still cylindrical when it arrives.

Getting to Know the Difference

The moving industry is worth $19 billions of dollars per year per the most recent figures. So, while there are obviously some bad humans in the industry, there are also many reputable moving companies that provide noble services like SOS Moving Company – who base success on how their client base feels at the conclusion of the process.

In recent years, a more positive sentiment has begun to trend about moving companies. This is likely due to few factors spearheaded by technology, including:

  • Online reviews: It’s much harder to hide nefarious practices from the next unassuming consumer. The research is out there to be found – good or bad.
  • Full-service moving companies:  like SOS Moving, companies offer a range of services including packing and white glove treatment. A more convenient and stress-free moving experience is available.
  • Consumer rights:  The growing awareness of possible legal resources that could help consumers resolve disputes with moving companies without long, drawn out back-and-forths.

Overall sentiment about moving companies is improving. Luckily, much of the risks associated with hiring a moving company have been “teched” out of existence. Everyone should carefully research everything, be aware of their rights, and protect themselves in case of problems.


Work with a proven referable company, at work in four cities – Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, and Orange County – SOS Moving Company!

With services that include:

  • Apartment Movers
  • Commercial Movers
  • Packing Services
  • White Glove Movers
  • Storage Services
  • Long-Distance Movers

If the Oscars will entrust its esteemed red carpet with SOS, then your collection of miniature menageries is very safe indeed.

Who’s in your Top 5?

A moving company ranking has probably never crossed your mind. The reality that SOS Moving is ranked among the top movers in a state that has the most moving companies in the nation is a major accomplishment, to cut through the noise to provide stellar relocation feedback and high customer approval. 

The more humanitarian bent may not be as publicized as celebrity patrons – like Snoop Dogg, Frank Grillo, Bella Porch, and Selma Hayek – however, a few moments of recognition is definitely in order for how all people are treated in those 26-foot trucks.

SOS Moving Company not only serves a diverse celebrity clientele – including the Oscars ­show – but also looks to extend a helping hand to all zip codes and tax brackets. This reflects their dedication to offering affordable relocations for less fortunate individuals and families, ensuring a smooth transition for all homeowners.

Underserved individuals and communities in need are eligible for discounted rates for low-income housing moves, making quality moving services accessible to those with limited financial resources. SOS Moving Company’s focus on affordability and community betterment underscores their understanding of their role in the community.

The company takes pride in its social responsibility and actively contributes to various charities supporting minorities and those in need. This philanthropic approach underscores their commitment to community service, as they work to democratize services for disadvantaged communities and individuals.

Tell us about your Top 5.

Moving With Purpose

SOS Moving Company was founded in Los Angeles in 2020, with the stated objective to to deliver peace of mind through safe and stress-free relocation services to every client, regardless of the complexity and distance of the move. 

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and an economic downturn, SOS Moving Company confronted historic obstacles like so many other businesses. The abrupt changes in every aspect of life required rapid adaptability and innovative thinking. SOS was up for the challenge.

They reoriented operations, reallocated resources, and revamped their strategies to find true north during turbulent times. Through strategic adjustments and flexibility, they not only endured but also discovered avenues for growth and enhancement. 

Like the rapid development from 3 trucks to a 40-vehicle fleet, SOS Moving has put its head down and focused on building an empire. In October 2021, relocation services were expanded to San Francisco to better serve a widening market that had become visible in Northern California. 

The company has since expanded to Seattle and Orange County on the way to nationwide growth and recognition within the world of honest relocation services. The company views customer satisfaction as the dominant objective and the only way to do good business with America.

For more information about storage and moving services, visit the company website.

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